OQO Platforms


Private space from or that you can access all the contents of OQO’s digital:: digital books ilustration , animation movies, interactive books, music, didactic games.

All the contents are especially appropriate for the reading, educational and playful development of children between 1 and 10 years old.

To access the OQO Platform it is necessary to register to guarantee access security.

Before entering the Platform it is advisable to download the OQO VIEWER. This application will be necessary to view the contents. It is free and once installed it will no longer be necessary to do it again each time the Platform is accessed.


Download OQO viewer


Demo video

From the OQO digital platform the user can subscribe to enjoy all the content or buy any particular content easily and quickly without having to go to different sites.

Access the content: Once you enter the Platform, there are two options to access the content:

  • By subscription: when executing the subscription option, you receive a UNIQUE KEY with which you have free access to all the contents, without limitations.
  • By individual purchase: you can buy any type of content and by doing so you will receive a KEY in the registration email that will be necessary to enter when opening the selected content. You will only have access to that content. No limitations of use. Each type of content will have a different key.

Tablet change. In case of breakdown or change of Tablet or mobile phone, the property of the KEY is not lost. We will only have to delete the application.