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When you can't find your way home

Paloma Sánchez & Joanna Concejo
13,50€ | 978-84-9871-278-0
36 pages | hardback | 25x23 cm |
March 2011

You get lost at night sometimes and you can’t find your way home. In an unknown wood paths leading to nowhere. In When you can’t find your way home, the new album in OQO editora’s O collection, Paloma Sánchez sets her sights on the thematic essence of the traditional tales, but without renouncing a modern and transgressing approach. The story begins in a classical way in infant junior literature of always: with someone who gets lost in the wood for a night. But at once getting away from the conventional of the genre. As opposed to the most usual first and third persons, the author chooses a narrative in the second person. At the same time always maintaining the ambiguity with respect to the protagonist, of whom we do not know if it is a boy or a girl. Perhaps because in fact that refers to anther character, the reader. Paloma Sánchez escapes from realist scenes; from there, the journey back home always takes place in unusual oneiric places. On the journey the protagonist in not alone. Pushed along by the voices of the stars, that of the echo at the End of the World, that of the stones covered in rushes… But one voice leads on to another, and another and leading to infinity. The path turns into a labyrinth or spiral more and more fantastic, from which it is impossible to escape. And who better than Joanna Concejo, whose anterior work in OQO editora, Smoke, which was worthy of a White Raven Mention recognizing it as one of the most beautiful albums in the world, to illustrate the territories of fantasy. The landscapes in When you can’t find your way home, appear to belong to the world of dreams. The same as in a dream, the images float by one after another, but we don’t know what is waiting for us when we come to turn the page. To achieve this effect of unreality which lends itself so well to the story, coloured pencils as well as collage were used. It is about illustrations charged with poetry that accompany the rhythmic prose of the story. The result being beautiful and strange at the same time and we don’t quite know how to interpret them. The protagonist also experiments a similar strangeness, disorientated, looking for the way home. While traversing these surrealist landscapes, voices are heard shouting Go on! Suddenly, a voice whispers Wake up, it’s daytime now. The voice that always brings you back home. Text by Paloma Sánchez Illustrations by Joanna Concejo Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 5 years
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