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nanOQOs collection  


Armando Quintero & André Letria
40,50€ | 978-84-9871-133-2
Box with 5 titles | Cardboard books |
September 2009

“It’s that I’m ugly”, said Mr Snail to Miss Snail when, with beautiful eyes and shining antennae, she asked him why he sighed so sadly. “Well I don’t think you are”, she revealed to discover together his beauty and the values of friendship. A light-legged ant and a caterpillar will be companions on this initial journey to the mysteries provided by nature and the world, full of feelings and surprises… Dealing with the importance illustrated books have for developing at an early ages, we present this collection with special care in the selection of contents, presentation of the images and the literary construction. Five short stories, related but also independent, that bring up themes close to pre-readers: exploring the world, observation of nature, discovering friendship… The reading of the images provides situations and characters in which the reader can identify and construct a singular perspective of the world and experiment emotions, surprise, feelings…, at the same time developing the understanding about relationships with others; and more, the NANOQOS offer the possibility of familiarity with the print, before formally starting the reading and writing process, combing pleasure and entertainment. Stories to amuse, but also to read, tell, converse; to establish dialogue and action on the educators’, family part and, in short, to offer both aesthetic and educative experiences. Text by Armando Quintero Illustrations by André Letria Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 2 years
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