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The lion’s mask

Margarita del Mazo & Paloma Valdivia
14,00€ | 978-84-9871-280-3
48 pages | hardback | 25 x 23 cm |
April 2011

One night, Daddy Lion went to visit the woodpecker
and ordered a mask light like a feather,
cold like hate and red like rage.
The step to the adult age of the one to be called King of the jungle is used by Margarita del Mazo as a statement against clichés, conventionalisms and stereotypes. Consequently, this album becomes a criticism of lives governed above all by what others expect from us, and raise the alarm about the enormous unhappiness provoked by the difficulty of achieving something so simple, and paradoxically so complicated, like being ourselves.
The chromatic organization (reds, yellows, blues) in Paloma Valdivia´s illustrations strengthens the geographical situation of the story and its dramatic charge, which is not incompatible with the suitability of the colours that underline the positive and happy personality of the main characters, to turn the images into a solvent complement of the negative charge of the text.
The work of the Chilean illustrator also stands out for the high degree of the iconic of the characters, significant in the case of the secondary ones and in perfect symbiosis with the dominance of those that are in the foreground, delighting us with stylized graphic outlines and extras as personal as they are recognisable.
Text by Margarita del Mazo
Illustrations by Paloma Valdivia
Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 3 years
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