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The great journey

Anna Castagnoli & Gabriel Pacheco
14,00€ | 978-84-9871-180-6
40 pages | hardback | 25x23 cm |
March 2010

One day, perhaps soon, I’ll build a big boat; that can float like boats and fly like the planes, even though it’s a boat; that can circle the earth and under the water like a boat with wheels, a submarine.
A child thinks about a fantastic journey: sailing the world, crossing countries at war, rescuing animals in danger… to return as a hero.
Anna Castagnoli looks for precision in the word to transcribe the main character’s thoughts and dreams; those that live in the imagination since infancy and allow to build a reality and defend us from it when we don’t like it. The journey, as a metaphor of life, leads the main character to discover the world and to take part, resolving conflicts under difficult circumstances.
Through imagination and fantasy, this young traveller plans adventures, invents situations and builds an identity.
Gabriel Pacheco resolves metaphorically the idea of the boat- journey as a fascinating vehicle where the imagination lives. The object, simple: an empty cardboard box which the imagination transforms into a room (suggesting surrealist spaces) or into a vessel that will guide us through dreams; in reality, it never leaves the house from where the imagination begins.
The illustrator proposes isolated scenes, not narratives, of great aesthetic unity in the colour, space, elements, characters, composition… leaving the story line for the text.
The idea is to maximize the strength of the word and to make of the illustrations a space to be and to take the dialogue from the reading, plunging into the poetry of the words.
To sustain the plastic proposal, elements such as ankle boots, the child’s toys or other everyday objects transform into fantastic scenes, offering suggestions that help to understand the text, generating deep, diverse readings.
An exciting story that provides messages of solidarity, essential to every person’s maturing.
Isaac Díaz Pardo Illustrated Book Award 2009
Text by Anna Castagnoli
Illustration by Gabriel Pacheco
Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 5 years
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