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'Chocolate', 'Little Drake' and 'The Princess who yawned all day long', speak Polish!

The Galician editorial OQO initiates a co-edition with Tako creating Kolekja OQO that will also publish in Poland in 2011 Run Pumpkin Run, Fierce Wolf, The Three Little Pigs, and Smoke.

Three of the best know albums from OQO editora Chocolate (Marisa Núñez & Helga Baunsch), Little Drake (Marisa Núñez & Helga Baunsch) and The Princess who yawned all day long (Carmen Gil & Elena Odriozola) can be enjoyed by Polish boys and girls in their mother tongue (Czekolada, Kukuryk and O Księżniczce, Która bez przerwy ziewała), thanks to the co-edition from the Galician editorial and Tako.

This collaboration has come about with the presence in the editorial market in Poland of Kolecja OQO, that will publish, throughout the year, other books from OQO such as Run Pumpkin Run, Fierce Wolf, The Three Little Pigs and Smoke (White Rave mention – Internationale Jugend Bibliotek in Munich –among the most beautiful albums in the world 2009).

The characters in The Princess who yawned all day long (second prize for the best illustrated infant and juvenile book 2006 awarded by the Ministry of Culture), Little Drake and Chocolate (First International Prize for infant literature 2007 from the foundation Space Enfants from Switzerland) already spoke – besides Galician and Spanish – French, Portuguese and Catalonian. Also, the first two through a co-edition with Logos and Txalaparta had version in Italian and Basque, respectively.


On occasion of this collaboration and new incorporation in the Polish editorial market, Kolekcja OQO participates in the Literary Picnic activities to be celebrated on 29th, May in the Adam Mickiewicz Literature Museum in Warsaw.

Literature Picnic is a multidisciplinary educational project organized for children and their parents, with the aim of promoting the habit of reading among young Polish children.

As a matter of fact, the theme of the event this year is Spain and Spanish literature. Picnic counts on the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute, that will present a session of storytellers, animated film screening and open Spanish workshops for the children.

Kolekcja OQO, participating guest, has prepared the reading of Kukuryk (Little Drake) and O Księżniczce, Która bez przerwy ziewała (The Princess Who Yawned all Day Long) in their Spanish and Polish versions, also games, plastic workshops and animation with the characters from the collection.

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