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Marisa Núñez & Helga Bansch
13,50€ | 978-84-96788-83-1
36 pages | hardback | 23x25 cm |
May 2007

Chocolate takes her daily bath in the lagoon. One day finds out that in the city there is a house of baths, and decides to leave the forest with the intention to prove them. For not to seem so wild, she buys urban dress and slippers with very funny lights, and walked to the city. When she arrives to the capital, Chocolate makes a fast raid in the urban habits more topics, present for the children reader, and experiences another style of life. In this story, Marisa Núñez speak to us about the illusions, desires, the friendship and the importance of the experience and of valuing what we have closer to us. The illustration, with African inspiration, is glad and full of colour; it express with masters different human profiles from traverse of the animals of the forest, and reflects the sense of humour and the optimism of the narration. In addition, Helga Bansch enriches the story creating characters who lead capably through the pages, to give a ampler sense to the trip of Chocolate, that the reader will have to discover through the reading of the images. INTERNATIONAL INFANT LITERATURE PRIZE 2007 ESPACES ENFANTS FOUNDATION Text by Marisa Núñez Illustrations by Helga Bansch Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 3 years
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